Special Interview with National Bank

4 Dec

I spoke this week with Jon Bolds, Product Manager, Mortgage Solutions at National Bank, to discuss the mortgage market in Queben and Canada. It was a very informative interview, and Natty Bumppo thanks him for his availability and help with … Read More »

JOJ or JAI? We help in choosing Loan

25 Nov

    In 2014, the option to decide where we want to invest our pension contributions in JOJ or JAI was introduced. Those who at the time preferred not to stand on either side and calmly observe the moves of … Read More »

Own contribution to the mortgage

29 Sep

One of the most important elements that we must realize before taking a loan, apart from creditworthiness, is the own contribution. This element reduces the interest rate, and thus also reduces the future loan installment.   What is the minimum … Read More »

What is Cash Loans?

3 Apr

Our cash loan statement presents only currently available loans – all data are updated and updated on a regular basis. The current offer of cash loans in one place is a good opportunity to compare cash loans, taking into account … Read More »

Simulate Mortgage Loan

13 Mar

  Returning to the articles on the European Standardized Information Sheet on Housing Credit, we will look at the nominal rate and effective rate fields. Obviously I recommend reading all the articles in the Simulate Mortgage Series, if you have … Read More »